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Home automation

Home Automation

  • Automated Energy & Lighting
  • Automated Security
  • Automated Appliances
  • Automated Home media


Lighting is one of the most important elements of a successful space and specialist lighting is able to transform any room at the touch of a button. Emphasize room features (such as art), or vary ambience, tone or colour to reflect a change in mood both inside or landscape. Of course lighting is not just limited to inside the home. Our bespoke systems can also extend into garden areas where we are able to provide that extra dimension to your outside space.


At FDS we enable you with complete control over your home comfort from the convenience of your arm chair with the latest in home automation. By installing the latest state of the art technology we ensure that your home environment can be instantly adjusted to suit your needs and mood.


FDS ensure that you have the appropriate level of protection to suit your requirements, with installations embracing the most up to date innovative access technologies.


FDS integrate your home with the latest technology allowing you to control and automate as much or as little as you wish including climate control, lighting, blinds, music, films and security. Furthermore by using smart-phone or tablet technology all these processes can be accessed remotely.

Home Media

There is something truly magical in experiencing audio and video in a top quality environment. FDS have a wealth of experience in offering full design and implementation from flex cinema to dedicated cinema rooms. Utilising quality loudspeakers, projectors, screens as well as the latest in remote control technology we aim to provide you with a truly awe inspiring experience.

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